In the ever-evolving legal environment, we are happy to share that in order to better serve our clients, we have moved to 150 S. Wacker Drive in Chicago.  In a world where standing still is not an option, Fitter Law is moving forward to engage the local business community by helping to develop stronger strategies for their everyday transactions.

We look forward to launching our new website soon!  In order to continue supporting the Illinois business environment, help start-ups and small businesses with their legal and compliance needs, Fitter Law is making it easier to obtain services such as:

  • Start-up Consultations
  • Contract Review and Drafting
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Ongoing Legal Support
  • Ongoing Compliance Services
  • and much more

Welcome to the new Fitter Law, LLC!
(Detour Ahead)

150 S. Wacker
Fitter Law, LLC