Are you a law firm?

Yes, we are a law firm, headquartered in Chicago, licensed to practice in Illinois and on Federal matters.

How many subscribers do you normally accept?

We don’t have a set number.  It varies from day to day and quarter to quarter.  We are more interested in understanding your business and how we can help you.  We tend to decline applications that don’t get us excited within the first few lines of the description (so be sure to be thorough and exciting!).

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we simply bill you monthly.  If you ever decide to cancel (which we doubt) your subscription will simply end at the end of that billing cycle.

Do you offer refunds?

We generally don’t offer refunds, except in limited circumstances, at our discretion, and if we deny your initial application.

What makes you different from the other prepaid legal plans?

Fitter Law’s subscription program is not a pre-paid legal plan.  The small subscription fee is to retain us for our availability throughout the month.

Are there any other fees?

Yes, for any additional services that we provide, we will quote you a fee for the service.  This fee will be either a flat-fee, hourly, contingency, or blended.  We do most of our work on flat-fee or blended fee basis (reduced up-front + contingency).

How do I use my unlimited consultations?

You will be given access to various firm calendars and you can select a time for us to call you directly.  It’s that simple.

Why Do I have to pay Now?

Having you pay for the first month now, is one of the ways we verify your identity.  It also helps speed up the process when we review your application.

Can anyone become a subscriber?

Fitter Law generally accepts businesses or individuals in the course of business dealings to the Subscription Program.  However, we make exceptions, at our discretion.  Just make sure to really show us why we should accept you into our program when you fill out the application.

What happens after I submit the application and payment?

One of our team members will review your application and verify the information.  We also perform a conflicts on every new client.

Do you litigate?

We take on both, transactional and litigation matters, either directly or we may choose to work with another law firm.

What happens if my application is declined?

First, we will email you and may choose to give you an opportunity to respond.  If you are unable to change our mind, we will refund the fee that you’ve already paid.

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