Idea Validation

Idea Validation

Learn how to assess the feasibility of your company's ideas. We can help you decide whether to move forward or to go back to the drawing board.

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What is Limited Scope Representation

Legal Advice Document Preparation Case Preparation and Investigation Settlement Negotiations Trial Preparation Court Appearances Business Transactions Start for Free Get Help Now What Are the Rules Governing Limited Scope Representation? Supreme Court Rule 11 Supreme Court Rule 11 requires that the opposing party or counsel serve all documents on both the attorney and the party while (more…)

Fitter Law Contract Review

Illinois Small Claims Court

In small claims court you can handle your personal or business legal matters without an attorney; however, you can hire an attorney to represent you if you wish.

Legal Definition of Liability

What is the legal definition of Liability? In the legal context, Liability means Legal responsibility; the obligation to do or not to do something; an obligation to pay a debt; the responsibility to behave in a certain manner.        

Legal Definition of Mandatory

What is the legal definition of Mandatory? In the legal context, Mandatory means Compulsory; something one must do; not a matter to be acted upon only if one wishes to; obligatory.        

Legal Definition of Heir

What is the legal definition of Heir? In the legal context, Heir means A person who inherits money or property, or who will naturally inherit property if someone dies without making a will.        

Legal Definition of As between

What is the legal definition of As between? In the legal context, As between means The relative position of two people in reference to a third person, with one party having a different relationship from the other in regard to the third person.        

Legal Definition of Reference

What is the legal definition of Reference? In the legal context, Reference means (a) The act of sending a matter to a referee for his consideration and decision. (b) An agreement between two parties to place their dispute before an arbitrator or referee for his consideration and decision.        

Legal Definition of Amortization

What is the legal definition of Amortization? In the legal context, Amortization means The paying off of an indebtedness through regular installments. (A mortgage on property is amortized over a period of years through regular payments.)