These are Illinois Not For Profit Corporation forms, provided by the State of Illinois.  You can click on a form, below, complete the form, print it, and mail it at your own discretion.  

Fitter Law does not provide any warranties with these forms.  This is merely a resource to help you understand the cost to file each form listed below, as charged by the State of Illinois.

 FormFeeExpedited Fee
(in addition to Fee)
 Certificate of Good Standing, Fact or No Record/Abstract of Corporate Record$5$10
 Photocopy/Certified CopyVariesVaries
C 165A Guide for Organizing NFP Corporations  
C 339A Guide for Organizing NFP Corporations – Spanish Version  
EOA 205Statement of Conversion$100$200
EOA 305Statement of Domestication$100$200
EOA 204/304Statement of Conversion/Domestication Abandonment$100$200
NFP 101.15Statement of Correction$25N/A
NFP 102.10Articles of Incorporation$50$25
NFP 104.10Reservation or Transfer of Name$25$25
NFP 104.15/104.20Application to Adopt an Assumed NameSee Form$25
NFP 104.15/104.20Application to Change or Cancel an Assumed Name$5$25
NFP 104.25Registration or Renewal of Name (Foreign)$50$25
NFP 104.25Cancellation of Foreign Registration$5$25
NFP 105.10/105.20Change of Registered Agent/Office$5$25
NFP 105.15Notice of Resignation of Registered Agent$5$25
NFP 105.25Affidavit of Compliance for Service of Process$10$25
NFP 110.30Articles of Amendment$25$25
NFP 110.30RRestated Articles of Incorporation$100$25
NFP 111.25Articles of Merger or Consolidation$25$25
NFP 111.37Articles of Merger$25$25
NFP 112.20Articles of Dissolution$5$25
NFP 112.25Articles of Revocation of Dissolution$5$25
NFP 112.45/113.60Application for Reinstatement Domestic/Foreign Corporation$25$25
NFP 113.15Application for Authority to Conduct Affairs in Illinois$50$25
NFP 113.40Application for Amended Certificate of Authority$25$25
NFP 113.45Application for Certificate of Withdrawal and Final Report$5$25
NFP 114.05Domestic/Foreign Corporation Annual Report$10$25
NFP 115.15Corporate Request Form For Certificates Of Good Standing And/Or Copies Of DocumentsVariesVaries
NFP 115.20Corporate Request Form For Certificates Of Good Standing And/Or Copies Of Documents – Routine Processing$5$5