These are Illinois Limited Liability Company forms, provided by the State of Illinois.  You can click on a form, below, complete the form, print it, and mail it at your own discretion.  

Fitter Law does not provide any warranties with these forms.  This is merely a resource to help you understand the cost to file each form listed below, as charged by the State of Illinois.

 FormFeeExpedited Fee
(in addition to Fee)
 Certificate of Good Standing$25$20
 Photocopy, Certified Copy$25$50
C 334A Guide for Organizing Domestic Limited Liability Companies  
C 340A Guide for Organizing Domestic Limited Liability Companies-Spanish  
EOA 205Statement of Conversion$100$200
EOA 305Statement of Domestication$100$200
EOA 204/304Statement of Conversion/Domestication Abandonment$100$200
LLC 1.15Application to Reserve a Name
This form does not create a limited liability company. Use form LLC 5.5 to establish an Illinois limited liability company.
LLC 1.15Cancellation of Reserved Name$5$50
LLC 1.15Transfer of Reserved Name$25$50
LLC 1.20Application to Adopt Assumed Name(see form)$50
LLC 1.20Application to Change Assumed Name$25$50
LLC 1.20Application to Cancel Assumed Name$5$50
LLC 1.20Assumed Name Renewal Application$150$50
LLC 1.35Resignation of Registered Agent$5$50
LLC 1.36/1.37Statement of Change of Registered Agent and/or Registered Office$25$50
LLC 1.50Affidavit of Compliance$5$50
LLC 5.5Articles of Organization
To form a Limited Worker Cooperative Association, use form LLC 5.5 The name of a limited worker cooperative association shall end with the term or abbreviation Limited Worker Cooperative Association, LWCA or L.W.C.A.
LLC 5.5(S)Articles of Organization (Series)$400$100
LLC 5.25Articles of Amendment$50$100
LLC 5.30Restated Articles of Organization$150$200
LLC 5.40Application for Withdrawal Domestic$5$50
LLC 5.47Statement of Correction$25$50
LLC 5.48Petition for Refund$5$50
LLC 13.15Statement of Authority Amendment or Cancellation$50$50
LLC 13.20Statement of Denial$10$50
LLC 35.15Statement of Termination$5$50
LLC 35.40/45.65Application for Reinstatement Following Administrative Dissolution or Revocation$200$100
LLC 37.25Articles of Merger$100+$50/entity
(3 or more)
LLC 37.40Certificate of Designation$50$50
LLC 45.5Application for Admission to Transact Business$150$100
LLC 45.5(S)Application for Admission to Transact Business (Series)$400$100
LLC 45.20Application for Registration of Name$50$50
LLC 45.20Renewal of a Registered Name$50$50
LLC 45.20Cancellation of a Registered Name$5$50
LLC 45.25Amended Application for Admission$50$100
LLC 45.40Application for Withdrawal Foreign$5$50
LLC 50.1Limited Liability Company Annual Report$75$50
LLC 50.25LLC Fax Transmittal Request Form for Certificates of Good Standing and/or Certified Copies of Documents