Legal Definition of Pursuant to: Conforming to; done in consequence of; following; according to.

What does pursuant to mean?

Pursuant to is a legal term that signifies conformity, action, or compliance with a particular law, regulation, agreement, or order. It implies that an action or decision is being taken in accordance with a specific requirement or authority. In simpler terms, it means that something is being done as a result of or in accordance with a particular provision or directive.

Examples of pursuant to in legal context

To better understand the concept, let’s consider a few examples. Suppose you are a business owner who wants to terminate an employee’s contract due to a breach of company policies. In this case, you would need to follow the procedures outlined in the employment agreement, which may state that termination can only occur pursuant to a written warning and a disciplinary hearing.

Another example could be a real estate transaction. If you are selling a property, you may need to comply with local zoning regulations. The sale of the property could only proceed pursuant to obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from the local authorities.

The importance of understanding pursuant to

As a business owner, comprehending the meaning and implications of pursuant to is crucial for ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Failing to act pursuant to applicable laws or agreements can lead to legal consequences, such as breach of contract claims, fines, or even lawsuits.

By understanding the legal definition of pursuant to, you can navigate the complexities of various legal documents, contracts, and regulations more effectively. It allows you to make informed decisions, take appropriate actions, and avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Talk to a Fitter Law attorney: pursuant to is a legal term that signifies compliance or conformity with a specific law, regulation, agreement, or order. It is essential for business owners to understand this term to ensure they act in accordance with legal requirements and avoid potential legal consequences. By being aware of the meaning and implications of pursuant to, you can confidently navigate the legal landscape and make informed decisions for your business



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