Fitter Law’s attorneys understand the interplay of different tax laws and regulations and will work with accountants to help in planning strategies to minimize your business’ tax liabilities. Many tax laws are written by attorneys, and as such may be very difficult to understand. The different types of tax laws include income tax, corporate and business tax, death tax, property tax, estate and gift tax, sales tax, and international tax. Sometimes taxes are based on an inflated or incorrect value that the taxing authority has placed on your business or activity. Our attorneys will team up with accountants to help you challenge the value, or even the tax itself, and help to reduce your tax burden through careful planning.

How to Deal with a Tax Audit:

If a taxing authority accuses you of under-reporting your tax burden, such as falsely reporting your earnings, inflating your expenses, or claiming undeserved deductions, then you may benefit from the services of Fitter Law’s tax attorneys. Our tax attorneys represent clients who the government accuses of paying too little tax, or no tax at all. You may be fined or even jailed for tax fraud.  Fitter Law’s attorneys will work diligently to help you defend against your audit, including litigating in tax courts.

If you need help determining whether you are a likely candidate to be audited or are being audited by the IRS or a local taxing authority, contact Fitter Law today.